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Why the Dominican Republic?

Why? Why would you up and move to an island? Why would you pull your children out of a high performing school in the United States? Why would you give up T-ball practice, the YMCA, you pension?

To breathe.

That is actually the real answer. To be able to continue breathing, I fear my children would not have been able to breathe in the US. The school shooting drills are not something I want them to experience. I don't want them to huddle in a corner and have the police jiggle the door handle so they can practice not screaming. I don't want them to be exposed to that.

They have a better chance of breathing here.

I wanted my husband to be able to breathe too. Being black in the United States means a traffic stop could leave him breathless. Walking through or jogging in our predominately white neighborhood could also have taken his breath away.

We are not interested in worrying about breathing constantly. Actually though, we are. Here we can. In for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4. Easy to do this with the rhythm of the ocean waves.


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