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The Must See Beaches in Las Terranas

Are you looking for international schools in the Dominican Republic near the best beaches? Our world schooling hub is located right smack dab in the middle of paradise.

Las Terranas is within walking distance to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Keep reading to see if this destination for world schooling is for your travel family.

Playa Bonita

Home to some great surfing waves, great restaurants and a fabulous little playground for kids, Playa Bonita is an amazing beach in Las Terranas. Families stroll along the boardwalk as surfers catch some waves in the oceans. There are many restaurants to choose from all along Bonita, as well as many AirBnBs to choose from as well.

There is a very special spot on Bonita. Think of a tranquil, clear glass ocean for your family to relax in. This magical little place is called Punta Bonita. Park your car in the ISLA Academy parking lot and follow the signs that point to the beach. After about a ten minute walk with your eyes being filled with the most beautiful sites, you will surely know it when you see it. The water is still. The sand is soft. And the tranquility is unmatched.

Playa Ballenas

Just like Playa Bonita, Ballenas has many restaurants and bars to choose from. The water is much calmer than you will find along Playa Bonita and perfect for a relaxing weekend. You can grab some bachata lessons, an atv or dunebuggy, and some amazing coconut oil while you are down there to experience more life on this island.

Playa Popy

This beach is one of our favorites!!! There is a little fisherman’s spot here where you can buy fresh fish in the mornings. There are micro restaurants along the shore that have amazing traditional Dominican meals. While your children are playing in the sand and dipping their toes in the ocean, you can enjoy a lovely meal with your partner. Walking along Popy, you will find ice cream and gelato, pizza places, as well as more upscale restaurants. If you hear a little bell, be sure to look to the street for the guys on bicycles with coolers on the back! For less than a dollar you can get an ice cream cone or ice cream bar and they are so tasty.

So many families travel around the world looking for world schooling pop ups! There are amazing sites to see and fun things to do in every where you adventure. Make sure to check out these three beaches if you find yourself in Las Terranas!


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