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Flexible Schedule

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Our philosophy for scheduling follows this structure for the day, but the times are approximate. We work around the children's focus and interest in each activity and all of our teacher led activities have an academic or social goal. Children play and explore throughout the gardens as they await their turn to work with an instructor. Some academic activities are individual, while others are in groups of 2 or 3. We also spend each day in a whole group learning about avariety of topics. Each child has individual academic goals rooted in the Common Core Standards from the United States. These goals are not based on grade level, but on your child's ability. You will find many children performing well above their grade level. 

This is a sample daily schedule that is a flexible skeleton. Many days we will add in science experiments, art projects, build a bonfire, have cooking lessons, parkour actvities, engage in water activities and play, and as always.....lots of stick work and balance!


9:00am- Arrival and Morning Baskets that include arts, practice work, books, etc.


9:30am- Welcome circle includes breathwork, Qi Gong, meditation, and read aloud


10:00am – Morning Academics


10:45am – Meals and Exploration


11:30am – Creative Sessions including the arts, music, dance, etc.


12:00pm- Afternoon Academics


12:45pm – Farewell Circle, Team Games, Independent Play and Exploration

1:00 pm- Pick up

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