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curriculum samples coming soon

We will be uploading sample curriculum lessons and units soon! 

All lessons are designed by Solomon and Amanda Dixon with an entire life design in mind. What should we know and be able to do throughout our lives to feel and have success? How can we use our creativity as children to create solutions to global situations as adults? How can we use art and music to develop strong academic performance? 


Watch as we take our students at Forever Wild through the Common Core curriculum from the United States. All of our students are on an individualized track and progress at their own rate. All of our students are taught to their level with the standards in mind. And the entire day, from math to reading, bonfires to treehouses, and mud kitchens to piano is filled with lessons students can carry throughout their lifetime.

Memories, learning, and the bonds of friendships made in our gardens is priceless. Click on our registration page to join us today.


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